PSIcapture Engineer Training

PSIcapture Engineer v7 | Smart Zone Configuration (PSI_ENG_SZ_21.02)

Welcome to PSIcapture!

This guided course is designed to help you through the process of creating a Capture Profile Configuration that uses Smart Zones to extract index data. This course includes sample images that will be used to configure and test the Capture Profile.

We also offer detailed hands-on training with the PSIcapture software as well to cover all a range of other features in the product.
  • Introduction
  • What is a Smart Zone?
  • How will the Capture Profile function?
  • Preparation for this Lab
  • Creating a Capture Profile
  • Create a capture profile
  • Capture Profile - General Settings.mp4
  • Capture Profile - General Setup
  • Suppress Create Batch Screen
  • Separation Tab
  • Separation Tab
  • Document Separation Profile
  • Indexing Tab
  • Creating Index Fields
  • Indexing Tab
  • Creating a Zonal Profile
  • Loading sample images
  • Selecting a page
  • Creating a Smart Zone
  • Configuring a smart zone anchor
  • Configuring a smart zone child zone
  • Naming a Zone
  • Configuring all other smart zones
  • Configuring smart zone review
  • Configuring a smart zone to work for many document layouts
  • Adjusting Smart Zones - Voltquote
  • Adjusting Smart Zones - TamTech
  • Saving the Zonal Profile
  • Mapping a Index Field
  • Mapping a index field to a zone
  • Filtering values in Index Fields
  • Regular Expressions (RegEx)
  • Configuring Regular Expressions
  • Workflow Tab
  • Workflow - Indexing
  • Workflow - Quality Assurance
  • Workflow - General Settings
  • Saving the Capture Profile
  • Run the Capture Profile
  • Running the Capture Profile
  • Moving through the Capture workflow
  • Viewing data in QA
  • Feedback
  • Feedback Survey
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever